Stunning ceiling acoustics at Royal Melbourne Hospital

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Project Information

Location: Melbourne, Australia 

Products used: Array 24mm, EchoPanel® Longitude, and EchoPanel® 24mm, EchoPanel® 12mm and EchoPanel® 7mm

Designer: Gray Puksand 

Installer: Plan Group and Aflux 

Date: 2023

Photography: Nicole England

The Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) turned to Gray Puksand to design and develop 6 incredible floors, including 5 floors of functional and agile workspace – a project totalling 11,520m². 

The collaborative effort of Gray Puksand, PDG, LCI Consultants, Slattery, Plan Group, Johnstaff and Aflux Interior Linings delivered an exceptionally improved work environment that relieves spatial pressures throughout the RMH campus, for 1,000 staff and the 30,000 plus annual patients.  

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The theme ‘Humanity with Purpose’ was derived from RMH’s core values. It became the key driver behind the design and was achieved by focussing on wellness, diversity and biophilic design. With acoustic performance and cosmetics in mind, the architectural finishes were meticulously chosen, including textured acoustic panels, timber battens, acoustic feature ceilings and wall claddings, all to enhance the specialist feel of the area and to provide an enjoyable experience for patients and visitors. 

Materials and forms referencing nature were imbedded into the design, to imbue a sense of tranquillity and reduce the clinical feel of the space. Array 24mm acoustic ceiling baffles have created an aesthetic statement by beautifully shaping select areas of the ceiling space, creating welcoming spaces that reduces occupant stress. As functional sound absorbers with great visual interest, they were key in creating an overall calm oasis away from the bustling city below. The chosen designs were TURRET in colour 487, blush and a custom WAVE design in colour 384, olive. Array baffles are available in multiple in-house designs, but also bespoke designs through the Commercial Services team.

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As versatile PET panels, EchoPanel® was used as wall panels, workstation screens and uniquely in this project, as custom embossed work pods. In sage and mushroom colours, the panels were combined to create quiet and privately walled stations for undisturbed work.