Product Warranty

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*Excludes Knoll Textiles, for Knoll warranty details visit:

Woven Image Pty Ltd warrants that Woven Image products are free from any defects in manufacture and materials, subject to the conditions and exclusions set out in this warranty document. 

Woven Image warrants under normal conditions of wear and tear, that Woven Image products shall meet the specifications listed in the product specification document on the Woven Image website (, including; light fastness, durability and flame retardant rating for the period stated, provided the product is installed per Woven Image product specific Installation Guides and maintained in strict accordance with its Care and Cleaning Guide.


Warranty Limitations

  • Acts of vandalism or any other treatment which could be considered inappropriate for the intended use.
  • Unsuitable application or use on poorly designed installations or furniture that places undue wear on the product.
  • Limited for interior use.
  • Unusual atmospheric or environmental conditions.
  • Goods that have been further processed by the customer or others.
  • The warranty does not extend to colourfastness where the product has been exposed to sunlight.
  • This warranty is limited to the replacement cost of the product.

Making a claim

All Woven Image products are carefully inspected prior to shipment from designated Woven Image warehouses. Customers should carefully inspect all items at the time of delivery as stated in Woven Image’s Terms & Conditions of Trade.

Claims for damages will not be considered for products that have been cut or partially installed. 

Confirmation of colour and design is the responsibility of the customer.

Claims must be made in writing to Woven Image, with supporting evidence of the claim, prior to any attempted return or rectification of the product and within 7 days of delivery. Failure to make such a claim within the 7 day period will constitute acceptance of the goods and waiver any claims.

Woven Image must be given a reasonable opportunity to inspect any alleged inherent defects. Failure to do so may void this Warranty.

Woven Image will not be responsible for labour charges or claims of consequential damages.


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