Office fit-out, Hong Kong, installs acoustic finishes across the floor plate

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Project Information

Location: Hong Kong

Product used: Groove 45 Tiles, EchoPanel® 12mm, EchoPanel® Longitude 

Installer: JEB Hong Kong

Date: 2020

A myriad of Woven Image acoustic panels and tiles were used in the office fit-out to aid in creating this vibrant space, which is heavily influenced by the sporting industry.  


Groove 45 Tiles were installed in the ceilings in several meeting rooms. These tiles allowed the designer to create a visually intriguing and sporty acoustic ceiling installation. The main conference room is basketball themed; it is in this room that the true capabilities of Groove 45 and EchoPanel® are shown. A lighting installation in the shape of a basketball court has been fixed to Groove 45 to suspend slightly from the tile, enhancing the visual intrigue. Bose speakers have also been integrated into the acoustic tile.

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Many of the other rooms have EchoPanel® 12mm or EchoPanel® Longitude installed on the walls, as well as Groove 45 on the ceiling, to assist in controlling reverberated noise. The v-groove lines of EchoPanel® Longitude, tie into the v-groove lines in Groove 45, creating balance and cohesion in the spaces.

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In addition to their acoustic properties, these products were selected for their colour palettes. The designer chose colourways 295 and 330 for EchoPanel® Longitude as they add a pop of colour to the workplace. EchoPanel® has also been used in an operable wall to make two meeting rooms, into one larger space when required.

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In this interiors scheme, Woven Image products helped the customer to celebrate its active and energetic vibe.