Zen brings beauty and acoustic control to CoreLogic

InOne CoreLogic Hero image.jpg

Project Information

Location: Sydney, Australia

Products used: Zen Embossed Panel

Designer: InOne Projects

Installer: Adlard Joinery

Date: 2022

Photography: InOne Projects

From quiet booths for independent work and collaborative board rooms to an amphitheatre for talks with large groups, Zen embossed acoustic panels in pebble and ivy add colour, form and acoustic control to every type of room in CoreLogic. 

InOne Projects were briefed to create a workplace design that embodies a home away from home. They created a place that is comfortable and inviting by incorporating a fine selection of materials and textures such as indigenous Australian artwork, greenery, natural light and decorative acoustic walls. The result is an innovative, vibrant and bright space encouraging productivity, collaboration and creativity.

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