Wine and Shine Night 2024

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Wine & Shine was founded in 2019 by Pragya Gupta, Senior Associate at leading Australian architecture and design firm, Gray Puksand. More than a networking opportunity, Wine & Shine is a movement dedicated to the beauty of women in design professions. The ‘Glow Up’ theme underpinned the belief that women can excel in their careers while enjoying life’s luxuries, like a fine glass of wine.
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The 2024 event was hosted by its founder Pragya Gupta and Gray Puksand with co-sponsors Woven Image and Stylecraft. It brought together over 100 women from the design industry, including architects, interior designers, engineers, property groups and more. The Woven Image Melbourne team among the talent. 

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A night full of fun, canapes and laughs, also featured a make-up tutorial inspired by Woven Image’s recent colour palette extension. The make-up artist used the 5 new colours: Cayenne 484, Nutmeg 721, Dusk 495, Butter 106 and Mint 573 found across the EchoPanel®, Embossed and acoustic ceiling ranges.


It was a remarkable night and a true pleasure connecting with such a brilliant, energetic and inspirational design community. Events like this encourage us to shine brightly in all aspects of life.