EchoPanel® Longitude features in busy restaurant upgrade

Bathers pavillion hero.jpg

Project Information

Location: Sydney, Australia

Product used: EchoPanel® Longitude

Designer: Luchetti Krelle

Date: 2020

Photography: Michael Wee Photography 

The 1920s Spanish Mission style building that houses the well-known Bathers’ Pavilion on Sydney’s Balmoral Beach received a refreshing upgrade, designed by Luchetti Krelle. The transformation of this space has created an upmarket Mediterranean vibe, with understated nautical touches. EchoPanel® Longitude was the perfect subtle nod to this maritime theme.


The redesign of Bathers’ Pavilion created fluidity between the drinking and dining spaces, with a lounge bar, all-day bistro, chef’s table, formal dining area and a kiosk. The challenge within this space was to provide acoustic control, especially in the formal dining and kiosk, to ensure the right level of ambient noise. The solution was to install an acoustic application to the ceiling, timber battened EchoPanel® Longitude was the ideal choice.

Bathers Pavillion Landscape 1.jpg

EchoPanel® Longitude was chosen in classic naval colourways – Navy, 365 and White, 500. Navy was used in the formal dining area to create an ambiance that is moody and elegant. White was installed in the kiosk area, delivering a bright and clean aesthetic.

Bathers pavillion portrait.jpg
Bathers Pavillion landscape 2.jpg

This project won the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2020 and was the Silver Winner of the Interior Design Hospitality Eat & Drink, Sydney Design Awards 2020.