Fuji acoustic ceiling tiles elevate boardroom

Hero Region Group Fuji ceiling tiles Photo by Luc Remond.jpg

Project Information

Location: Sydney, Australia

Products used: Fuji Roku, Fuji Juni, Pico Embossed PanelEchoPanel® Longitude & EchoPanel® 12mm 

Designer: Siren Design

Installer: Hunter Mason & Boys Projects

Date: 2023

Photography: Luc Remond

When expanding to a second floor, Region Group required an innovative workspace with highly functional, yet peaceful, meeting areas and a sophisticated boardroom. Tailored to Region Group's vision, Siren Design alongside Hunter Mason and Boys Projects delivered the space. Acoustically treated walls and ceilings were integral in revitalising the new office floor.

Portrait Region Group Fuji ceiling tiles Photo by Luc Remond.jpg
Image 2 Region Group Fuji ceiling tiles Photo by Luc Remond.jpg

Woven Image’s latest acoustic ceiling solution, Fuji acoustic ceiling tiles graced the ceiling, directly fixed using Woven Image’s ceiling hardware, making for a beautiful boardroom feature. The compatibility of Fuji tile dimensions was used to advantage, as Siren Design chose to pair Roku and Juni tiles in a charming configuration. The formed contours and art deco design language of the tiles brought serenity to the meeting room. The added acoustic benefits brought by Fuji, delivered by its high sound absorption rating, increased speech intelligibility in these crucial work zones. 

Image 1 Region Group Fuji ceiling tiles Photo by Luc Remond.jpg

Acoustic panels Pico, EchoPanel® 12mm and EchoPanel® Longitude also made an appearance. Cut to size, and installed onto curved walls, in neutral colours, Pico refreshed offices while Longitude added touches of navy to the contemporary office palette.  

Region Group Drawing 1.JPG
Region Group Drawing 2.JPG

Projects like this one are backed by Woven Image’s inhouse Commercial Service Team. They offer technical and project delivery support – helping clients to realise interior spaces with optimised acoustics, aesthetic appeal, while meeting sustainable needs in material design.