Hayden Quinn’s studio selects our acoustic finishes

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Project Information

Location: Sydney, Australia

Products used: Array 24mm, Aire 50mm and Zen Embossed Panel

Designer: Alpha-Plus Architecture, Daniel Malik

Installer: Marshall Building PTY LTD

Date: 2021

Photography: Sam Page, Studio Maybe


Array 24mm ceiling baffles and, Zen embossed acoustic walls in off-white and cream, completed the exquisite, muted colour palette and simultaneously accomplished the purpose-driven design through minimising reverberated noise.

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Hayden Quinn, MasterChef alumni, host of TV show Taste of Australia is co-founder alongside the talented Erin White and Meg Yonson of Studio Maybe - a highly equipped studio for food, fashion and eCommerce photography and videography. Since 2022, the Northern Beaches studio has hosted bright north-facing windows creating a gorgeous atmosphere as seen with its neutral colour of white, cream, birch and stainless-steel interior finishes. The palette gives versatility to a range of clients and their differing needs during shoots, but universally assists each client through acoustic comfort. Zen was of high value in the Studio’s 8-seater meeting room, used for regular co-working, meetings, workshops, and teleconferencing on shoot days. The outcome is a space that is comfortable, quiet and easy on the eyes. 

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Applied to the ceiling were Array acoustic ceiling baffles, made of EchoPanel® 24mm, in combination with Aire 50mm acoustic tiles in white. Aire, with a noise reduction co-efficient of 1.0, offers significant sound absorption whilst integrating with the clean white aesthetic of this functional and cohesive space, benefitting Studio Maybe and every client they host.

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Woven Image’s acoustic materials are design-led, sustainable and colour-trending. They are functional in their ability to absorb sound and aesthetically beautiful which makes them the perfect fit for the delightful Studio Maybe.