Habana Labs features Ion Embossed Panels

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Project Information

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Products Used: Ion Embossed Panel

Architect: Hadas Makov / Installer: Peled Studios

Date: 2021

Photography: Yaav Peled

Spiro Architectural Solutions is the distribution partner for Woven Image products in Israel. They worked with installers, Peled Studios, and architects, Hadas Makov on this project to find an acoustic solution for their client, Habana Labs.  The Habana Labs project features Ion, from our Embossed Acoustic Panel Collection.

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Ion Embossed Panel is a tactile 3D acoustic panel, with an innovative design that was inspired by Modern Japonism, referencing the shapes seen in Origami. Ion is ideal for wall or ceiling applications and, despite the intricacy of the design, the pattern matches when panels are installed side-by-side or double height. In this project a myriad of colourways were chosen to add a pop of colour to Habana Labs and to complement the neutral tones seen in the soft and hard furnishings.


The sound absorption properties of Ion Embossed Panel, and ability to apply them on both walls and ceilings, were a major factor in considering what product to choose for this workplace. Many of the spaces being designed were private meeting and conference rooms, where acoustic control is paramount. The stunning aesthetic of Ion’s design added visual interest and colour to these settings. 

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Ion was also specified because of its environmental ratings. The Embossed Acoustic Collection is made using 60% recycled PET plastic. It achieves GreenTag™ Certification GreenRATE: Level A, is Red List Free, and has an International Living Future Institute Declare Label.  

These factors combined have created a contemporary and unique work environment at Habana Labs.

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