Fuji adds acoustic control to JQZ library ceiling

JQZ Sheldon Interiors Toby Peet Photography 1.jpg

Project Information

Location: Sydney, Australia
Products used: Fuji Ku, Pico Embossed Panel & EchoPanel® 12mm 
Designer & Installer: Sheldon Interiors
Date: 2024
Photography: Simon Whitbread & Toby Peet

Attractive, stylish and a high-quality space to stand out against all others, was the brief given to Sheldon Interiors. Using Woven Image acoustic finishes, they were able to unlock a positive sensory experience, in the suites’ multi-purpose floorplan. Fuji Ku acoustic ceiling tiles, with Pico and EchoPanel® 12mm wall panels, help define the JQZ future-proof office design.

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JQZ Sheldon Interiors Simon Whitbread Photography 2.jpg

The custom library is a unique inclusion, defined by its dark features. Fuji Ku tiles feature in Onyx colour, contributing to the library’s moody colour scheme, while adding character to the ceiling through their unique design. Combined with a recycled composition and ribbed form that delivers acoustic comfort, Fuji tiles turn this space into a modern environment suitable for focussed work. 

JQZ Sheldon Interiors Simon Whitbread Photography 1.jpg

The overall strong emphasis on openness, collaboration, flexibility and longevity in the design, demanded thoughtful acoustic enhancement. The large open plan breakout, alongside a kitchen, break area, presentation space, reception and client lounge that flows into the board room are a recipe for unwanted noise. Numerous Pico Embossed acoustic panels in (colours shown: Pebble and Mushroom), with EchoPanel® 12mm (Mushroom) help reduce the reverberation time, increasing acoustic comfort in the overlapping zones. They are a functional solution that coordinate easily with the colour scheme of this fitout, while bringing a fabric-appearance to walls and fluted textures to others. 

JQZ Sheldon Interiors Simon Whitbread Photography 5.jpg
JQZ Sheldon Interiors Simon Whitbread Photography 4.jpg

This suite demonstrates how acoustics are essential in a complex floorplan and how design-led acoustics from Woven Image contribute a timeless look to a contemporary workplace.