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Since 2006, South Pole has partnered with sustainable-minded businesses around the world to drive systematic change for farmers, landholders and conservationists. South Pole projects involve restoration, protection and management of local ecosystems, upholding local community rights and working to support emission reductions through clean energy in nature-based projects worldwide. 

The projects make positive changes including the improvement of natural regeneration in local environments, improving water irrigation, switching from synthetic to organic fertilisers and job creation and training as part of the renewable’s revolution worldwide. These changes benefit not only these regions but in turn, all of us, as we seek to steward the earth given to us. Based on the environmental impact our business has in various regions, Woven Image is supporting the following South Pole projects:


Project name: Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve Project 
Project type:
Reduced emissions from deforestation and degradation 
Central Kalimantan, Indonesia 
2009 – 2039
Todd – Infinite Earth

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 The Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve Project, an initiative by InfiniteEARTH, aims to reduce Indonesia’s emissions by preserving 64,000 hectares of tropical peat swamp forest. As the first validated REDD+ project under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), the Rimba Raya project helped determine the criteria by which projects are measured.

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The area is home to endangered Bornean orangutans. This project conserves this 47,237 ha. area, preventing it from being turned into further palm oil estates and provides a buffer zone between the palm oil industry and adjacent Tanjung Putting National Park. As a result, 44,000,000 tonnes of CO² have been prevented from being released. Furthermore, 55,000 mangrove trees have been planted, 2,171 water filters delivered to 9 villages, 99 locals employed and 54 threated mammal and bird species have been protected. 

Project name: Dempsey Ridge Wind Farm, LLC 
Project type: Energy industries  
Location: Oklahoma, United States of America  
Date: 2011 - 2021 

Dempsey Ridge Wind Farm South pole project cropped.jpg

The Dempsey Ridge project is wind farm generating emissions-free electricity to Southwest Power Pool Regional Transmission Organisation. Across agricultural and grazing land, the 66 Gamesa G90 2.0MW turbines provide wind power energy to the grid. Clean energy is provided while displacing electricity otherwise generated by existing fossil fuel plants in the region. 46,000 homes in Oklahoma and surrounding states are now powered with renewable energy from the project. Beyond this, the project has boosted economies by providing temporary and permanent jobs to local workers during project construction and operations. 

Project name: Siam Cement Biomass 
Project type: Manufacturing industries 
Location: Saraburi, Lampang, Nakon Si Thammarat, Thailand 
Date: 2006 – 2016  
Photographer: South Pole 

Siam Cement Biomass South Pole project.jpg

Cement production is a high carbon-emitting activity and Thailand relies heavily on burning fossil fuels. This project has converted 5 Saim Cement manufacturing plants to swap fuel sources from fossil fuels to renewable biomass (including rice husks and other agricultraul waste). This begins a circular waste economy where biomass waste would have otherwise decomosed, producing unused methane emissions. Thanks to this project, over 600,000 CO² emissions are avoided every year, creating cleaner air for the region.

Not only this, the new manufacturing processes and supply chains create new jobs. This project has also funded school scholarships, the creation of 6,500 check dams counteracting erosions and supporting forest conservation, supplemented by the planting of over 9,000 ha. trees.

Project name: Hunan Xiangtan Landfill Gas Power Generation 
Description automatically generated Project type: Waste handling and disposal, energy industries 
Location: Hunan Province, China 
Date: 2019 - 2029

Hunan Xiangtan Landfill Gas Power Generation South Pole Project.jpg

The volume of waste in China is increasing exponentially each year. Handling an average of 500 tonnes of waste every day, this site now converts waste decomposition emissions into electricity and supplies energy to the national grid, powering households and businesses across the region. This prevents the release of greenhouse gas emissions while also displacing the use of fossil-fuel energy. Making use of highly flammable gas emissions also minimises explosion risks at the landfill site, protecting the safety and wellbeing of workers at the site. Not to mention the many employment opportunities that have been created through the project, boosting the economic productivity of the area.

Project name: Mount Sandy Conservation (stapled credit to Hunan Xiangton project) 
Project type: Biodiversity conservation 
Location: Coorong, Australia 
Date: 2019 - 2021  

Mount Sandy South Pole Project.jpg

Local and indigenous Australians work in partnership, combining knowledge and resources to preserve the beautiful Australian landscape in the Mount Sandy site in South Australia. In a region dominated by farmland, this 200-hectare untouched biodiversity-rich bushland is now perpetually protected and managed. Local vegetation and animals including the short-beaked echidna, purple-gaped honeyeater and elegant parrot can flourish undisturbed. Native plants for revegetation will be supplied by the local nursery at Raukkan Aboriginal Community. Raukkan community members are also employed for vegetation monitoring and mapping, fencing, and pest and weed control.  

Mount Sandy Conservation South Pole project image 1.jpg
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