Bunnings flexible workplace uses EchoPanel® Longitude

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Project Information

Location: Victoria, Australia

Products used: EchoPanel® Longitude 12mm

Designer: Gray Puksand

Installer: Plan Group

Date: 2022

Photography: Peter Bennetts

Facing rapid changes to worker needs amidst a global pandemic, Bunnings adapted to the massive shift towards working from home and hybrid work. Creating such a space would require sound absorbing materials that are lightweight, durable, decorative and broad in colour options. Over 300 acoustic wall panels of EchoPanel® Longitude 12mm met the challenge and produced beautiful, quiet meeting rooms.

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Leading Australia Architecture and Design practice, Gray Puksand headed up this significant task in collaboration with Plan Group. It was important that the workplace design centred around Bunnings’ workplace culture, one that fosters community, putting people first and to create a ‘village life’ where work meets home. 

The outcome was a flexible hybrid working space, each area purposefully designed with the relevant activities of over 1500 personnel in mind. 60% of the staff are allocated to desks, while the many others roam between home and make use of the new flexible working conditions. Overall, the new workplace entails a mix of low, medium and high energy zones. EchoPanel®, excels in furnishing dynamic workplaces thanks to its noise dampening attributes. In Bunnings’ case, it allowed for social zones, collaborative areas and quiet ‘library inspired’ sections where sound absorbing panels were key in maximising productivity.

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EchoPanel 12mm in its vast colour palette was able match the gorgeous surrounding Yarra landscape, bringing the outdoors in. Colour played a vital role in this design with O’Brien stating that