The Embossed Collection takes home the INDE

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We are thrilled that our Embossed Acoustic Panel Series has picked up yet another prestigious design award, this time in our hometown of Sydney, winning The Object category at the INDE Awards.

The INDE Architecture and Design Awards programme encompass the entire Indo-Pacific region and its progressive and intuitive design vernacular. With over 687 entries, from 14 countries, we are so proud to win an award that recognises the region’s most original players in modern industrial design.

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Award Sponsor, Haworth, had these kind words, 


“This year’s award winner for The Object truly exemplifies the most relevant qualities we are working through in product design and design in general. Using recycled plastic to create a beautiful, innovative and acoustic product, not only sets the bar a notch higher for sustainability, but also addresses how we can properly acoustically treat environments to enable work, life and interiors and an ambient environment that is suitable and enjoyable." (Managing Director, Haworth).


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Exemplifying our product stewardship and circular approach to product design, the embossed panel series is made using at least 60% recycled PET. Each panel we produce diverts 235 single-use plastic bottles (600ml) from global landfill and waterways. Manufactured using green energy, in our new production facility in regional Australia, the tactile surface is created using repurposed machinery.


Designing low impact, non-toxic, low emitting finishes is our priority, helping architects and designers create sustainable and healthy environments for occupants. These acoustic panels have a very low VOC emissions rate, are Red List Free and have published ingredient transparency through Declare. Being certified by Global GreenTag™ also ensures the products’ ingredients, supply chain and manufacture have been assessed for environmental, social and Building Code compliance.


Thank you INDE for supporting original and sustainable design.

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