Michael Young and Woven Image create an beautiful designs for acoustic panels

EchoPanel Fluid 907 and 402 hero.jpg
Woven Image are delighted to collaborate with world renowned industrial designer, Michael Young, on a range of acoustic wall panels. 

Notable for their extraordinary patterns, that feature contrasting colour prints as well as subtle tone-on-tone colours, these prints provide a seamless floor-to-ceiling acoustic application for commercial interior spaces. 

EchoPanel Cloudy 544 Hero.jpg

According to Young, his studio brought a very particular sensibility to the product. "I believe that EchoPanel® is genuinely cutting edge,’ he explains. ‘It seems to me that an industrial design office is going to take a different approach to creating a pattern than an artist or even a graphic designer. We created the aesthetic for these prints using a software program called Grasshopper." 

EchoPanel Fluid 167 Hero 02.jpg
EchoPanel Mineral 503 Hero.jpg

The collection comes in three designs: EchoPanel® Fluid evokes the movement of the ocean and is available in five colourways (Ice, Ivory, Goldeneye, Lavender and Emerald); EchoPanel® Cloudy is based around a series of varying dots that converge to produce a ‘cloud-like’ effect and contains three options (Sandstone, Starlight and Foam); finally the cross-hatch design of EchoPanel® Mineral can be specified in two different versions (Calcite and Steel).  

The panels, which are 1200mm x 2800mm high untrimmed, are manufactured from PET plastic, 60% of which is recycled. They reduce reverberated noise in commercial spaces - achieving a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating of 0.45 directly fixed to the wall, and up to 0.75 installed with a 50mm air gap.

About Michael Young


Michael Young is an industrial designer who emerged from the vibrant British scene of the mid-nineties. He was born in Sunderland during 1966, and graduated from Kingston University in 1992, founding his eponymous studio soon afterwards.


Initially he came to prominence with pieces such as the Magazine Sofa designed for E&Y in 1996 and the Stick Light for Tom Dixon’s Eurolounge in 1997. His eclectic portfolio includes a plastic dog house for Magis, champagne glasses, wearable USB bracelets, MP3 players and bluetooth speakers. 


A feature of Young's career has been his willingness to travel and absorb other cultures. Over the last 25 years he's had studios in London, Iceland and Belgium before moving to Hong Kong in 2006.


Today, Michael Young Studio is considered to be one of the world’s most exciting design companies, creating award-winning work for its clients that often explores the possibilities of Asia’s technological ingenuity.