Array brings wow-factor to open floor show suite

Show Suite Hero Image.jpg

Project Information

Location: Perth, Australia

Products used: Array 24mm (Beam & Wedge), Zen Embossed Panel & EchoPanel® 24mm

Designer: Hub Interiors

Installer: Project West

Date: 2023

Photography: Ryan North Photography

Hub Interiors designed this unique, versatile and sophisticated open plan show suite in one of Perth’s most prominent buildings. Woven Image’s Array 24mm (colourway 442), in baffle designs Beam and Wedge, is a focal ceiling feature of this exquisite space. They serve the show suite users by absorbing sound and beautifully designating a functional open-floor collaborative area. The acoustic ceiling baffles continue downward into the wall, creating clean silhouettes and sleek lines that compliment other vertical linework in the workplace design. 

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Show Suite Image 3.jpg
Show Suite Image 1.jpg

Decorative acoustic panel Zen certainly delivered more wow factor. The popular embossed wall panel gave form and texture whilst colour matching with surrounding panels of EchoPanel® 12mm to create elegant, stand-out booths in wine red (colourway 269). Its lighting accentuated the booth and contrasted the light and shadow along the embossed panel, emphasising its classic ribbed form.

Show Suite Image 5.jpg
Show Suite Image 4.jpg

Adding the final touch of acoustic benefit and appeal to the space, are the EchoPanel® workstation screens (colourway 542). These grant visible and verbal privacy, aiding individual work. Their simple design makes a big impact overall, increasing the functionality of the show suite without compromising its versatility.

Technical Drawing 1 Project Show Suite.jpg
Technical Drawing 2 Project Show Suite.jpg

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