Ion's striking asymmetrical crystalline design is inspired by the geometric shapes of origami. 

Despite the intricacy of the design, these embossed acoustic panels pattern match and are precision trimmed for an almost seamless join in wall and ceiling applications. Made from over 60% recycled PET, each panel repurposes 235 single-use 600ml plastic bottles, preventing them from entering global landfill and waterways. 


Ion 908 Cream


Ion 101 Frost


Ion 402 Pebble


Ion 349 Vineyard


Ion 487 Blush


Ion 124 Ochre


Ion 167 Cinnamon


Ion 550 Onyx


Ion 551 Duck Egg


Product Specifications


Woven Image


Length: 2800mm (+/-2 mm), Width: 1130mm (+/- 2mm), Thickness: 9mm (+/- 7%)


100% PET (60% recycled)

Fire Test Result:

ISO 9705: Group 3
BS EN 13501.1: Classification D - s3, d0

Sound Absorption Test Method:

AS ISO 354: 2006 (R2016)

Weighted Alpha Coefficient (αw):

Direct fix: 0.20 (H), 20mm air gap: 0.45 (MH), 50mm air gap: 0.70 (MH)

Sound Absorption Average (SAA):

Direct fix: 0.27

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC):

Direct fix: 0.25, 20mm air gap: 0.50, 50mm air gap: 0.65
Achieves an NRC of 0.70 - 0.75 and αw of 0.75 with a 15mm and 25mm acoustic infill respectively

Sound Absorption Class:

E (Direct fix)



A transparency initiative by the International Living Future Institute, Declare is an ingredients label for building products that enables design and build teams to make informed choices.

Red List Free

Products with the Red List Free label are complying with the Living Building Challenge goals of ingredient transparency and industry-wide elimination of all Red List chemicals.

Global GreenTag™ GreenRATE Level A

A third-party certification that assesses products’ ingredients, supply chain and manufacture for environmental, social and Building Code compliance. GreenRate Level A equates to a 100% ‘Sustainability Factor’ in the Green Star AU, NZ & SA rating tools’ sustainable product credits.

Low VOC Emissions

Products with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are less harmful to the environment and human health and contribute to good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).


Our Embossed Panel Series can be installed on straight and curved walls, and on ceilings. At 2.8m high, they can be applied to walls without a floor-to-ceiling join line. Designs pattern-match side to side and top to bottom, making them suitable for continuous wall and double height installations. 

Refer to our Installation Guide and Video for detailed instructions or contact us for recommended installers.


Installation Guide_Embossed Panels.pdf