Celebrating 15 years of EchoPanel®

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It’s not every day that an iconic Australian designer and manufacturer gets to celebrate the phenomenal impact and longevity of a key product. But after 15 years, it was time to put the impact of EchoPanel® in the spotlight.

Author: Aleesha Callahan of InDesignLive, Sept 2019.


Woven Image’s EchoPanel® is an icon in its own right, and after 15 years of shaping the commercial interior design landscape, it was time for a celebration. Not only was it a night for looking back at some of the most recognisable collaborations and products, but it was the perfect opportunity to launch eight new colours in the EchoPanel® range.

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Set at The Whitehouse in Sydney’s Surry Hills, the event was all about creating impact. Every single element in the space was created with EchoPanel® – tables, columns, chairs and the EchoBar. Also dotted throughout were a series of creative installations, EchoArt pieces, that paid homage to some of Woven image’s designer collaborations over the years, including Akira Isogawa and Bruce Goold.

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The ceiling featured a special floating installation made up of all EchoPanel® colours, which sat alongside acoustic pieces designed by the brand’s international distribution partners.

Before the evening’s party kicked off, Woven Image hosted an informative and insightful presentation, Designing for a Circular Economy, presented by sustainability expert John Gertsakis.

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The event pulled a discerning Sydney design crowd, including guests from BVN, Bates Smart, Futurespace, PTW, Gensler, Siren Design, PTID and Hot Black. Other guests included furniture industry partners from Wilkhahn, Stylecraft, Cult, Living Edge, Ownworld, Zenith, AWM, Humanscale, Schiavello, Luxmy and Krost. As such a monumental occasion for Woven Image, international distribution partners also came together from such far-flung places as the USA, UK, Europe, Japan and the Philippines.

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Keeping the night flowing was a selection of delicious food and charcuterie tables, alongside gin cocktails and two live music acts that kept the crowds humming.

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